All the minors from CMD
Survey of the CMD Degree course and all the minors from CMD


With its innovative educational concept and its advanced Multimedia technology and techniques the department of Communication and Multimedia Design occupies a unique position within NHL University.
Our mission is to encourage motivated students and people from industrial and civil service organizations to come together and develop their talents, creating multimedia solutions for communication problems in an inspiring, dynamic environment. Our students will get hands-on experience in any of a great many projects, gain knowledge of the industry and develop a network for future career opportunities. As bachelors of Multimedia our graduates will find employment in a great number of organizations both commercial and non-profit; or they may start their own enterprise.
Game design being one of its showpieces the department has now established a lectorate in serious gaming; in addition, it has, together with partners from the industry, set up Gameship. Here state-of-the-art technology, top experts from publishing firms, animation and gamemaking studios, and students will combine to develop and produce serious games.
Currently the department is preparing to launch an International Master Program in Game design.

Communication and Multimedia Design: An Overview

The Communication & Multimedia Design Degree Programme is a 4-year professional education program leading to a Bachelor of Multimedia diploma. The programme consists of a propedeutic year (60 EC) and a post-propedeutic phase (3 years, 180 EC, encompassing minors, industrial placement and graduation project). Its unique character expresses itself in a novel approach towards teaching and learning in which competencies, self-directed learning and professional practice are key concepts.

Educational concept
• A competency is the personal ability thanks to which a professional is demonstrably capable of performing professional tasks adequately, on a bachelor level
• Self-directed learning assigns to the student himself primary responsibility for planning, implementing and evaluating his learning process
• Teachers play effective roles as coaches, in dialogues with learners, in securing resources, evaluating outcomes, and promoting critical thinking
• Individualized study-options offer students the possibility of creating their own study path.
• Professional practice is used both as an example and a real working environment.

Knowledge Centre Multimedia
The link between the CMD department and external clients (enterprises, institutions, government services etc.). Students work continually at projects for external clients. Examples of products are: 3D animation films, 3D visualizations, videoclips, documentaries, websites, games

In the post-propedeutic phase education has been organized into minors. Students must declare 4 minors, one of which may be a ‘shop minor’ (a course offering from another department, or university). Possibilities are 3D visualization, Concepting, Game design, The Next Web, Entrepreneurship, Art ‘n’ Sound, Branding.

Description of the Minors

Since you may be planning to spend a semester or more as an exchange student at the Dept of Communication and Multimedia Design here are some things you should know:

Communication and Multimedia Design is a young and dynamic department (established in 2001) and has in the past years, already grown to a sizeable 850 students plus 50 staff. Here at CMD you will find state-of-the-art facilities and an exciting, innovative learning environment. You will be offered opportunities to hone your skills and develop new ones in domains belonging to Multimedia; in addition, you will acquaint yourself with professional practices through contact with real-life clients.

At CMD the educational approach is through projects and based on the gaining of competencies, rather than swotting for exams. You will not have to sit tests: instead, you will be assessed, either individually or in a small group.

After the first year, projects mostly fall within the sphere of one of nine minors: Education and Multimedia, 3D-visualization, Game Design, Entrepreneurship, Rich Internet Applications, Concepting, Cross-Media, Art ‘n’ Sound, Multimedia Ad Agency. Successful completion of a minor will yield 30 EC. Click on a minor to find out more.

Participation in a minor can be achieved by digital enrolment. Click on the link and put down your name for the minor of your choice.


Art 'n' Sound

Minor 2: Entrepreneurship (This minor is in English for one semester per year)


Minor 3: The Next Web. (This minor is in English when a minimum of 3 international students apply)

Next Web

Minor 4: Sustainable Design Solutions (THIS MINOR IS ALWAYS IN ENGLISH!)