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10-04-2019 09:38
We, Enactus NHL Stenden, are looking for people who would be interested in working on a project. The idea is to develop an educational application for the people living in Haiti. We are a team consist of six ambitious students.

Everyone does have a right on education. However, not everyone has access to education. Many children desire to learn but simply do not have the resources to do it. We believe that with the rise of the digital world and the increasing accessibility to technology. If we join forces, we could make the world a better place for some of us.

The educational platform will be launched in Haiti where there is a scarce of education in some regions. The platform will be accessible through all sorts of devices with emphasis on smartphones and website. The children can follow courses to learn the provided subjects which in turn can give them a certificate.

At the moment, we are in the need of group of students who could programme the web Platform.

Would you like to join our team? want to know more about the project? Contact us!

Contact details-
Nabeel Keloth
Mobile- +31 6 1719 3698
WhatsApp- +974 30 3434 24
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