Seriously Disrupting Game Jam
04-07-2018 12:48
Seriously disrupting game jam
Create a serious game in 48 hours which promotes an ‘open society’ and learns how to cope with our fear – and even anger - for ‘the other’. Join this special ‘Seriously disrupting game jam’ in the weekend of 13-15 July in Leeuwarden.

What it's all about
This special Game Jam will take place in the context of ‘Leeuwarden - Frisian Cultural Capital of Europe 2018’. The theme of LF2018 is ‘Iepen Mienskip’ – open society. The challenge of this game jam is to create serious games which foster social resilience to cope with the challenges of globalization such as the increasing gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ - and the influx of migrants and asylum seekers in our society.

The challenge of the ‘Seriously Disrupting Game Jam’ is to create a serious game in 48 hours in a multidisciplinary team. All sorts of games have our interest: digital games, board games, transmedia games and pervasive games.

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